FAQCan I operate my alarm if I am inside of my home?

Yes! Our custom home security systems are designed to be used whether you are home or on the road.

How do I know what kind of home security system to choose?

Our team of professionals will sit down with you to determine the level of security you want/need. We’ll then walk you through the process of selecting the home security system that is best for you.

What sort of home security features can I have?

It depends on the level of security you want. We have tons of different home security options to choose from.

Do I need to register my alarm?

We recommend that you register your alarm. Check with your local city/town to see what the rules are as well as directions for how to register. We can also offer guidance.

What if there is a fire in my home? Will my alarm protect me?

While some alarm systems are designed to detect fire, we strongly recommend that you have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home as well.

Can I access my alarm remotely? Does it come with a panic button?

Yes. We offer custom home security systems that can be accessed remotely. We can also provide you with a panic button.


How do I know what home theater to choose?

Our team of specialists will discuss options with you. However, it all starts by determining what kind of home theater experience you are going for. There are tons of options!

How difficult is it to maintain my home theater?

Maintaining your home theater is extremely easy. Before and after we set up your custom home theater, we’ll review how to care for your equipment.

What are my options if I want better/different sound quality?

There are several different types of TV sound systems available. Choose from sound bars to multi-speaker, surround sound systems. We’ll review which options make the most sense for your personal space and budget.


Finding the Best Installer

If you flip through the phone book, you’ll find a lot of people and companies that are eager to install your home theater or security system. But which ones have the skills and experience needed to do it right? And which ones are trustworthy enough to be allowed to enter your home? Read More....
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